The Neo4j experts of the LARUS team

All the LARUS Neo4j experts are Neo4j Professional Certified and have different skills to provide the best solution for your needs. We have knowledge and expertise about development, business and data mining based on the graph structure.

LARUS is Neo4j Technical Partner since 2013. During this period, our team members learned how to install, manage, and tuning the performance of the graph database. Our Neo4j experts can help you to start with the graph database or to improve an existing one. We also have knowledge about all the stack, integrating Neo4j with others solutions in your system.

LARUS is also a Neo4j Official Maintainer of the Neo4j Contrib repository, so we can give to you all the overall support you need.

Our Neo4j Experts

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Neo4j Principal Consultants

Lorenzo Speranzoni

LinkedIn    Twitter    Neo4j Certificate

Lorenzo has been a pragmatic and passionate IT-expert in software architectures and Agile methodologies since 1997. After some significant experiences in business critical projects, in 2004 he founded LARUS Business Automation, where he currently holds the position of CEO. Nevertheless, he maintains his passion for software development by supporting his R&D team and actively contributing to some projects.

Since 2013 he’s been focusing on NoSQL & BigData technologies and in 2016 he was nominated “Neo4j Ambassador” for his particular interest and devotion to spreading knowledge about Graph Databases.

He loves teaching and helping people to build passionate teams, and in his spare time, he cultivates his passion for art and cycling.

Omar Rampado

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Omar is a passionate IT-expert in software development, architectures and consulting.
He’s been working on many business critical applications since 2006, as he joined LARUS Business Automation, where he currently holds the position of CTO. Backend systems and integration architectures have always been his main fields of interest, and as a consultant, he’s constantly working to break technical debt, improving code coverage, cleaning code and automating the release process of the applications he’s involved in.
He also responsible for the R&D department and currently supports large organisations in the definition of their integration architecture.
He loves to collaborate with people in order to build the best team spirit and in his spare time he likes to cultivate his passion for Kung Fu and playing his trumpet.

Alberto De Lazzari

LinkedIn    Twitter    Neo4j Certificate

Alberto is a passionate technologist who always keeps up with the latest patterns, methodologies, and frameworks. In the past 10 years, he has worked in very different industries, from automotive and fleet management to insurance and banking. Since 2007, Alberto he has been working on legacy as well as cutting-edge systems and a wide range of internalization and integration IT projects. Graphs have been Alberto’s passion since the university, where he wrote a thesis on clustering algorithms and neural networks.




Data Scientists

Fabio Lamanna

LinkedIn    Twitter    Neo4j Certificate

Fabio Lamanna is a Civil Engineer working on Transportation Networks, Urban Mobility and Data Analysis. He plays and works with data coming from urban mobility, cities, social networks and transportation systems. Now is supporting the enthusiastic team at LARUS discovering data patterns on graph databases and enjoying the DataBeers event in Venezia.





Neo4j Consultants

Daniele Berton

LinkedIn   Twitter    Neo4j Certificate

Daniele is an enthusiastic java developer, always looking to improve himself and learn something new about software development and new technologies. He’s working on the Neo4j APOC Procedure project, developing new features with the communities and the Neo4j guys.





Angelo Busato

LinkedIn    Twitter    Neo4j Certificate

Angelo is a java developer and he’s a Neo4j APOC contributor. He loves to work with the people and he’s also a passionate Agile guy. At LARUS he develops software, helps the scrum master, and he’s a Neo4j teacher during some courses.
He is a Judoka and a sports lover.