LARUS is the main contributor of the Neo4j APOC Procedures

Download the latest Neo4j APOC Procedures release for Neo4j 3.1.x or the newest for Neo4j 3.2.x

Neo4j APOC Procedures (Awesome Procedures On Cypher) is a set of procedures that extend the features of the database, from creating a trigger to export query results in cypher. It’s an open-source project from 2009, but it’s under continuous maintenance in LARUS (the official APOC maintainer) from the beginning of 2017.

APOC is the most diffused Neo4j project, installed in a lot of instances and a good option to have useful functions ready to use. There’s a big community around the project, that needs support and new features. From 2017 LARUS is the official APOC maintainer, taking care of the issues on Github, answer questions on the slack channel and developing new features.

We release a new version every two weeks, as the main APOC maintainer, improving it and fixing the issues. We’re glad to work on APOC because, for us, is a very important part of the Neo4j ecosystem, giving previews of the evolution of the database and helping the company to be satisfied using Neo4j.