The integration tool to allow graph analysis over JSON data

Get JSON data from any kind of sources with Couchbase DB and MongoDB connectors shipped with the Doc2Graph, customize the resulting graph and get the power of  Neo4j running your graph analysis.

Current Version: 1.0.0 for Neo4j 3.0.x

Our goal is to allow graph analysis over data originally stored into document-oriented database. To make it possible we need to use a real graph database, neo4j, where the document are “copied” and synchronized. We want to create a project with two tenets: JSON based and customization.

Doc2Graph project allows to import JSON data from every kind of sources because it’s neo4j centric. The entire transformation logic is embedded into a neo4j plugin and exposed through cypher procedures. We create also two connectors for the most popular document-oriented database: Couchbase and MongoDB. These connectors automatically synchronize the contents of document-oriented database with neo4j, avoiding manual data exports.

The way to transform a JSON into a graph depends on the kind of analyze you need, that means the resulting graph model can be customized. You can develop your own graph model rules and use them just editing the configuration. We think data model is so specific that we cannot give an absolute solution: our proposal is a well-structured model released with the default configuration.


Doc2Graph Features   

  • Automatic synchronization
  • Customizable Transformation Logic
  • Re-using existing nodes
  • Import JSON from any kind of datasource
  • Open Source


  • Neo4j 3.0.x or later
  • Couchbase 4.5 Enterprise
  • MongoDB 3.4
  • Java  8 (couchbase-connector)
  • Python 3 (mongodb-connector)





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