LARUS is the main contributor of the Neo4j ETL Components

Download the latest Neo4j ETL Components release 1.1.0 for Neo4j 3.1.4

The Neo4j ETL components is a project for importing data from relational databases into Neo4j. The current release allows importing data from Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL into Neo4j 3.1.4. LARUS, as the official Neo4j ETL maintainer, developed the Oracle compatibility and improved lot of features in order to build a useful tool for starting a new project and do fast PoC of solutions.

Porting data from RDBMS into a graph is very useful when you need to keep synchronised the legacy database with the new Neo4j instance or when you want to try to get insight from your information using the power of Cypher, without writing your own export, transform and loading code.

A GUI for import rule customization is coming soon.