We build solutions around Neo4j

All the consultants at LARUS are expert developers, especially in the Java world. We can build all kind of software, from standalone batches to complex web-based systems. LARUS loves open-source and is both creator and contributor to a lot of projects, in addition to the Neo4j development.

Our best is system integration, get the best products to solve a single issue and put all together to get a stable, high performance and scalable ecosystem.  We write all the missing connectors in order to create communication between software.

Open Source

LARUS is an enthusiastic open-source software supporter, not only using them but also contributing to the code evolution. Every time we built some useful tools we release it on GitHub and every time we search for libraries or tools we choose the open-source ones. In this way, LARUS helped the evolution of some projects, including the Spring Framework.

System Integrator

LARUS loves the term “System Integrator” because we have long experience in bringing together small standalone programs to create a brand new big system. We think that exist a lot of good programs to solve a single specific goal and it does not need to reinvent the wheel, we have just to connect them!

LARUS works in a lot of business, from humanities to financial, so we know how to bring together the information with the software, in order to improve productivity and efficiency.

Official Neo4j Development

For Neo4j we wrote the JDBC driver and the Doc2graph project; we’re also the main contributor of APOC and ETL projects.

Neo4j Development Resources