From code to production. Make your Neo4j ready to business!

Nowadays the requirements of the market force the companies to release every day new features. We can help your team to setup the process to deliver all your artefacts as soon as possible, with quality and accuracy. Our DevOps experts know all you need in term of Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Delivery, monitoring and so on.

Neo4j is a very powerful database and our DevOps tune it to get the best performance and setup all the aspects of the installation, from backup to cluster.

Help to coding

Our DevOps guys are all developers and they know how to improve the source code in order to get it testable and keep the dependencies always up to date. In fact, we think that good system architecture can be achieved only with high-level source code.

We can help you to design and improve, step by step, resilient system with powerful automation and effective test coverage.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Your system cannot have big down times or failures. To avoid them you need a fast and fully-automated pipeline to drive your code in production as soon as possible without fear. This is a very complex mission that our experts can achieve working on all application levels, from design to set up production cluster.

Neo4j DevOps

As Neo4j Certified Professionals, we can set up the Neo4j instances in all the environments you need. LARUS helps you to choose the right hardware or cloud solution, tune the configuration params, and install the Neo4j cluster in production.

All installed instances are benchmarked and connected to a monitoring tool to give you a perfect Neo4j database.

If you want the best possible installation of Neo4j, you have just to call us!