We help you to manage your graph data

Our Neo4j certified consultants have long time working experience on complex systems and business critical software. They work to find the better way to extract value from data, introducing Neo4j into an existing system or brand new architecture. Neo4j consulting is the greatest strength of LARUS.

We’re the first Neo4j technical partner in Italy, based in Venice, but working all around the world, wherever there is a company needs to adopt graph database or improve its system based on Neo4j.

If you need to setup an entire graph project, speed up a query or get more insights from your data, we’re glad to help you!

LARUS Neo4j Consulting

The LARUS Neo4j Team is composed of developers, data scientists and IT system experts. This is a powerful mix to give you the best solution around you data, even if you are starting, improving or speeding up a Neo4j project.

Start a Graph Based Project

LARUS, as a Neo4j Technical Partner, can help you to see where a graph database should be used. Our experts analyse your own business case, the infrastructure and, the data set to design the best Neo4j setup for your system.

We drive you, step by step, from data model design to the production. LARUS can give you all you need about Neo4j, including training, operationals and develop.

Improve your existing database

Do you already have a Neo4j database in your system? Do you want to get more benefits from your graph? If you need a Neo4j consulting, LARUS is the best solution. We have long experience on the enterprise system and business scenarios: Our Neo4j experts can merge all kind of systems with the graph technology giving you a custom solution based on your own needs. We can design the path to evolve your graph in order to get even more information from your data.

Speed up your Neo4j instance

As Neo4j Certified Professionals, LARUS guys can setup your Neo4j instances (and cluster) to get the best performance ever. They analyse all the stack, from hardware to the queries passing through the data model, to give you an overall solution to your performance issue.


You can get in contact with us by phone, Skype, Slack and social networks.