We are the one and only Neo4j Certified Trainer in Italy

We’re the one and only Neo4j Certified Trainer company for Italy. Since 2014 we’ve been delivering Official Neo4j Trainings in all major cities all around the world; our trainers help students, institutions and customers to understand the power of Graph Databases and adopting Neo4j with success. LARUS provide all the Neo4j Training Programs, in particular, the “Neo4j Fundamentals” and the “Neo4j Data Modelling”.

We also offer fully-dedicated custom on-site trainings (bootcamp). Our Neo4j Certified Professionals are delighted to join your teams in your office and deliver specific Neo4j trainings fully tailored to your specific business and technical needs.

You can find the more courses details in the “Neo4j Courses” page.


Trainings usually are one-day classes target on specific topic and level of the Neo4j environment. We currently provide “Neo4j Fundamentals” and “Neo4j Data Modelling”

Neo4j Fundamentals

This is our entry-level course, where we start to discover the potential of graph database technologies, Neo4j and its query language Cypher from scratch. Starting from simple case studies and demo, we guide the audience on building and query a complete database, on importing your own data, and to a complete knowledge of the basis of the technology. If you don’t know Neo4j and you want to get in on it, this is the right choice!

Neo4j Data Modelling

This is a second-level course. Since Neo4j is an advanced technology that can handle a massive amount of data, it is fundamental to discover the best modelling techniques in order to get the maximum advantages from it. In this module, we explore the data modelling phase, on how to correctly import your data, how to evolve your model, how to refactor (if needed) large graphs and general best practices guidelines. Again, here we conduct the training with some real data to work with incrementally, so you can really “touch” and manage data on your own.


Neo4j Bootcamps provide a full immersion into the technology. They usually cover up to 5  days of trainings and proof-of-concept (PoC) stages, where we give a demonstration on how Neo4j is the right solution to solve your own problems with your own datasets. During a bootcamp, we provide “Fundamentals and Data Modelling Training” and “PoC”.

Fundamentals and Data Modelling Training

The first days are dedicated to an immersion into the Neo4j world, starting from the fundamentals up to advanced modelling techniques.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

The PoC is the stage when YOU are the main character of the Bootcamp. Do you have an existing database you want to test Neo4j on? Do you have some data too much complicated to query using your traditional relational database? Or you have just some information to store and manage in the most efficient way? During the PoC we work together side by side, from the analysis of the raw data to the importing phase, from the data modelling to the most advanced queries, reaching a full working Neo4j database with your own examples and needs.