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LARUS – Proud to be an innovative SME

Our core business is innovation, and we perfectly know that progress cannot be separated from technology. An open technology that allows us to improve every day life, building a virtuous cycle with potentially infinite positive effects. Thanks to the recognition as an innovative SME by the Italian Government, we have the chance to accelerate our growth and consequently also the evolution of our partners and customers, becoming more competitive and creating an environment favourable to innovation.

What is an Innovative SME?

The Innovative SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are limited companies, even if they are cooperatives, that comply with small and medium-sized enterprises size limits and that contribute to the Italian innovative development.

To be defined as Innovative SMEs the companies must acknowledge technological innovation as a core business role, invest in research and development and be based on a qualified and expert team of which are part also graduates, doctoral candidates or post-docs. 

Why bet on Innovative SMEs? 

Investing in Innovative SMEs implies promoting an entrepreneurial culture dedicated to innovation and supporting the growth path of enterprises with an evident technological component in every phase of their life cycle. 

Today’s winning driver, in fact, is exactly innovation and betting on it means translating research and its results into tangible products. 

That’s why LARUS invests in R&D, in collaborations with different academic institutions other than strategic partnerships: to remain always at the forefront. Being an innovative SME, then, allows us to lead our customers to an always increasing market competitiveness and to provide services able to improve every day life, bringing new Know How and jobs. 

LARUS – Proud to be an Innovative SME

In LARUS research, courage and innovation have always been a guide to the future, but it’s a real satisfaction every time that this is awarded and the achievement of the status of Innovative SME shows that our hard work always carries excellent results. 

Proud to be part of the enterprises that according to the Ministry of Economic Development contribute to the innovative development of Italy