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LARUS and Redis announce partnership

LARUS and Redis announce partnership to boost integration of Redis in modern data environments

LARUS is proud to announce a new partnership with Redis, the world’s leading real time data platform,  to advance the deployment and integration of NoSQL technology across clouds, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Businesses are more digital today than ever before. They need to build, deploy and run real-time services in order to stay ahead of the curve and Redis makes apps faster, by delivering unmatched performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for a real-time world.

Thanks to this new collaboration with Redis, LARUS has completed its journey on NoSQL databases. We finally cover all the 4 quadrants of NoSQL but Redis in much more than a key-value database and a super fast caching system, in fact we see plenty of additional use cases beyond cache where the Redis Platform is the perfect fit to solve our customers’ challenging business problems” 

said Lorenzo Speranzoni – CEO of LARUS.

Throughout its history, in fact, Larus has always been focusing on researching the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies to help its clients to build custom data solutions, in order to optimize their decision-making process, boost profits and stay competitive.

In this context, LARUS keeps choosing Open Source technologies like Redis, because they allow to verify and track how and where data is moved as well as the changes made to the code. They are more reliable and flexible and can be used everywhere, for any activity and without time restrictions. 

Embrace the continuous learning 

To keep updated with new trends and technologies, LARUS embraces a culture of lifelong learning and supports its team to acquire and share knowledge continuously.

Also Redis has in its key value this pillar of continuous learning and, thanks to this common vision, we started carrying out together a program of internal training to boost LARUS knowledge of the Redis Platform and its adoption in Enterprise Environments. All of this aimed at being ready to help our newest partner in the best way possible. 

“I am extremely happy with this new alliance with LARUS, a company with multidisciplinary expertise that keeps investing in a cooperative ecosystem around frontier technologies and, hence, is configured as the best partner to assist customers in the creation of the next generation data platforms” 

concluded Marcos Pérez González – Director, Strategic Alliances EMEA South of Redis.

About Redis

Redis makes apps faster, by creating a data layer for a real-time world. We are the driving force behind Open-Source Redis, the world’s most loved in-memory database, and commercial provider of Redis Enterprise, a real-time data platform. 

Redis Enterprise powers real-time services for over 8,500+ organizations globally. It builds upon the unmatched simplicity and speed of Open-Source Redis along with an enterprise grade data platform that offers robustness of modern data models, management, automation, performance and resiliency to deploy and run modern applications at any scale from anywhere on the planet.

About Larus

LARUS is a leading Innovative SME focused in the development of data-driven platforms based on network science and on the most cutting-edge technologies. 

Thanks to the consolidated experience gained in various market segments, such as  public administration, insurance, finance, industry, retail and utilities, and to the expertise in  NoSQL databases, in the field of Explainable AI and Connected Data Science, we help customers to optimize their decision-making process, increase profits and stay competitive.

Moreover, we keep investing in R&D, in collaborations with different national and international renowned academic institutions, other than in strategic partnerships, like the ones we established with Neo4j, Fujitsu and Linkurious, to remain always at the forefront.