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LARUS Consulting

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The LARUS Consulting Tribe solves specific problems in complex technological fields.  It is at disposal to help companies around the world in improving and increasing performances, supporting them in internal projects and providing LARUS know-how and expertise.

Tribe Consulting

Through the Agile approach we organize our resources into Tribes, each one specialized in supporting clients from a different prospective.

We work following a defined workflow in accordance with the Agile Approach. Based on the company starting conditions, together we develop the right strategy to take our clients where they want to be, analyzing their values and goals, quantifying time and costs, evaluating efforts and resources, with the aim of guiding them towards their technological independence.

Discover our Consulting Journey!

Assesment Consulting


Our journey starts with a first evaluation of the weaknesses and difficulties of the initial context in order to analyze the “as is” and define the goals of the collaboration.



Our team is thus able to plan the activities, set the priorities and define the roadmap that will lead you to the growth and improvement you were looking for.



The right professionals are on your side, providing you with the resources and expertises you need, always supporting your team in becoming more and more self-reliant

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