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LARUS Project

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Tribe Project

The LARUS Project Tribe is responsible for turnkey software (on-premise or cloud) and micro-projects that customers and partners outsource, leaving practical and/or technical autonomy. We create complex systems, but at the same time easy to utilize, capable of perfectly adapting to your needs.

Through the Agile approach we organize our resources into Tribes, each one specialized in supporting clients from a different prospective.

We work following a defined workflow in accordance with the Agile Approach. Together with our clients we define common assumptions in terms of business values, implementation risks, efforts and costs. We decide on the implementation of the work and fix the conditions under which changes are allowed to happen.

Discover our Project Journey!

Take off

It's the first introductory phase aimed to understand your needs and requirements, which will be the focus of our journey together.

Project - Climb

We start to develop the right project for you and to select the best team for your needs. We explore the potential and the expectations.


This is the moment for the operational work. Our team gets in action to develop the best possible solution to satisfy your requirements.

Project - Land

We don't forget the post release phase in which we guarantee support, even integrating the scope of the work if needed.

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