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Data Visualization

You could stare at a table of data all day and never see what would be immediately obvious when looking at a good picture of them.


Data Visualization is the graphical representation of data and information. It represents the key tool for decision makers eager to make their data more accessible and understandable.

By using visual elements and graphical forms, it not only enables you to analyze massive amounts of information but also allows you to quickly compare them, understand patterns and make predictions and data-driven decisions.


Data Visualization helps everyone, from business owners to employees to understand and interact with dense and complex amounts of data, regardless of their level of expertise. Because of the way the human brain processes information, visual representations such as charts, graphs, and maps are easier to read than reports and spreadsheets.

That is why Data Visualization resulting visuals are the best representation to easily tell stories and share information also with non-technical audiences.


The effective Data Visualization represents the right balance between form and function. Data and visual need to work together, combining great analysis with great storytelling. The right visualization makes the difference: it avoids misrepresentation and misinterpretation and highlights all the important information.

There are plenty of tools for Data Visualization but not every tool is suitable for every context and purpose. Some may not be catchy enough while others may fail at conveying the right message. That’s why, when choosing to invest in Data Visualization, it’s best to contact the right professionals.


Linkurious proud Partner

The partnership with LARUS represents a powerful opportunity for Linkurious to significantly expand our presence in Italy, a very dynamic market, and extend it to other parts of the world over time. Focusing our combined energies will help us serve a broader range of customers with industry-leading graph analysis and visualization solutions.“

- Sébastien Heymann, CEO of Linkurious


We help you identify and qualify all kinds of sources of valuable data and information at your disposal.


Don’t worry if your data belongs to different repositories, systems or databases. We'll extract and align them all.


Data will be formatted and mapped in order for them to be consistent and uploadable on one new standard database.


Your data will be represented through charts and graphs so that they are easier to analyze, compare and share

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