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Graph Thinking

Graph data closes the gap between the way humans and computers view the world


The process of reasoning and thinking about relationships within data is called Graph Thinking, and coincides with the human approach to understanding life through connected data.

Imagine seeing your whole world as a spreadsheet with rows and columns of data and trying to make sense of it all.  For the majority of us, the exercise is unnatural and counterproductive. Graph is a way to solve complex problems by taking a relationship-centric approach


Complex systems describe anything where multiple components interact with each other. Examples of complex systems are human knowledge, supply chains, transportation or communication systems, social organization, earth’s global climate, and the entire universe.

Most high-value business problems are complex problems and require graph thinking because graphs provide a better way of dealing with abstract concepts like relationships and interactions. They offer an intuitively visual way of thinking.

From a Computer Science perspective, graphs offer computational efficiency and by harnessing the power of relationships and connections between data, graph data science improves predictions to answer otherwise intractable questions.


Graph theory concepts are used to study and model Social Networks, Fraud patterns, Power consumption patterns, Virality, Influence in Social Media and a lot more.

In LARUS we grew up with graphs and since 2011 we are one of the main partner and authorized training centre of Neo4j, the most popular graph database. The LARUS Labs work closely with Neo4j contributing to the development of their platform

By applying graph thinking, we at LARUS are able to represent, access, and understand the most complex problem within different domainsIn short, we build solutions for several complex systems.


Neo4j Premier Partner

As the #1 Neo4j Partner, we assist customers in implementing Neo4j for advanced fraud detection, network and IT operations, social networks, real-time recommendations, master data management and a lot more.

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LARUS is Neo4j training & bootcamps authorized and certified center. All the teachers are Neo4j certified professional official trainers.

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We are proud partner of Linkurious, an on-premise graph visualization and analysis platform.


We work with graph theory, database schema and data analysis arriving at a unique intersection known as graph thinking.


We support data and AI engineers, data scientists and data analysts in solving complex problems with graph databases.


We build application architectures with both relational and not relational databases, like graph technologies.


We support you in understanding the value of connected data and improve your data science and analytics applications.

Graph Thinking

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LARUS Innovation Day is a training and insightful event that LARUS brings inside companies to discuss innovation, technology, and data

Experience the joint method of Connected Data Analysis and Data-Driven approaches for Complex Domains. By introducing Graph Theory and Knowledge Graphs, we delve into notions of Graph Data Science, Graph Databases, and Graph Visualization. Explore fundamental concepts, tools, and real application cases to savour the advantages of Graph Thinking over traditional data analysis relying on Relational Databases.

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