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Simplify, Guide, Spread.

The work done by our LABS is strategic and has a globally impacting. The Labs was intended to boost the collaboration with Neo4j, but since 2021 it also supports projects of Open Source technologies such as: Apache Spark, Apache Kafka and Project Metamorphosis.

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Through the Agile approach we organize our resources into Tribes, each one specialized in supporting clients from a different point of view.


This Tribe industrializes components in synergy with technological partners and is responsible for the processing of software components, the results of the expertise gained in integration, research and development projects.

Our researchers support customers in the transition from relational system-based processes (SQL) to processes based on non relational systems (NO-SQL). This transition used to be rather painful in the past, since it was a total paradigm shift; whereas today, thanks to the tools we developed, the transition has become very simple and in many cases just a click away

Our Connectors

The LARUS Labs supports Neo4j in developing a rich ecosystem of Connectors which are integrations supported for existing Enterprise customers.


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