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Curiosity, interest, study.

It would be hard for a tech company to remain innovative and competitive without a continuous investment in R&D. That is why in LARUS there is an entire tribe dedicated to research and technological development involved in an ongoing solid relationship with relevant Italian and foreign universities, observatories, research institutes, labs but also professors and researchers.

In order for the innovation to be generalized, consistent and impactful across all LARUS tribes and their focus fields, R&D is committed in developing and providing new solutions to better:

Accelerate Innovation

Its efforts enable the entire company to be more flexible and to build critical capabilities for the future.

Test &

R&D tests and analyses current projects and products in order to improve performances and usability.

Quality Control

It regularly tests our products and services to ensure their quality meets the highest standards.


R&D also researches the market so that we can keep up with the latest trends and even anticipate them.

Give Direction

R&D Tribe charts the course for the future serving as a guide for all LARUS projects and services.

Students Hub

LARUS R&D collaborates with teachers and students, organizing seminars and developing training projects. Collaboration topics range from graph data visualization to network science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and much more, in order to scientifically validate the different applications to customers’ use cases.

In addition, in virtue of the importance of university education, we develop real projects with students giving them the opportunity to enter the workforce.

Research Topics

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