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LARUS Partners

Over the years we have built numerous important partnerships

We believe in collaboration to bring value to business and to technology teams, because the only way to overcome limits is to recognize them and identify a complementary force necessary to achieve goals.

The cloud-native and fully managed platform created by Confluent allows fast and effective connection of the real-time data flows and processing of apps, data systems and organizations. Based in Silicon Valley, the Confluent platform is characterized by a fast reaction and response thanks to the links created between the applications of different companies in real-time data streams.

Couchbase key qualities being flexibility, speed and familiarity. Couchbase is a distributed NoSQL cloud database finalized at delivering versatility, performance, scalability, and financial value to a variety of applications, spanning from cloud to edge. Their team aims to simplify how developers and organizations work and build on their applications through the use of their cloud database platform Capella.

Fujitsu Group offers a great variety of products and services. Working in a multitude of public and private sectors in 180 countries around the globe, Fujitsu design and implement business IT solutions and present a vast portfolio of solutions, covering Multi-Cloud, Application Services, Business Services, Digital Workplace services, Enterprise and Cyber Security Services, Network and Communication Services. 

Logo linkurious

Linkurious’ graph approach helps companies, governments and non-profit organizations in the process of data visualization.
Its on-premises graph visualization and analysis platform allows users to fully utilize text search, graph visualization, pattern detection and data edition capacities in order to unravel and make sense of the secret connections among great volumes of data.


Guided by the vision to “help the world make sense of data’‘ Neo4J is the global leading graph database management system, providing since 2007 an enterprise-grade database characterized by features such as ACID transaction, query language, native graph storage and processing. While its head office is based in San Mateo, California, they are present in many different countries, such as Sweden, Germany and the UK.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Redis Inc. is the driving force behind the homonymous in-memory database system Open Source and real-time data platform. Uniting together the speed of Open-Source and an enterprise data platform running and deploying applications through data models and management, Redis Enterprise offers real-time services to many organizations around the world.

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Since 2011, Structr is the heart behind the Structr Low-Code Graph Platform. Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, their team delivers innovative customer solutions and individually tailored software development in order to create the most powerful and open applications at the forefront of graph technology, aiming towards more easily comprehensible results for everyone.

LARUS is part of RIOS, the Italian Open Source Network.
The network is made up of the leading companies in our sector, that share experiences and resources ensuring services and solutions that are simple and convenient to use, guaranteeing qualified support.
Together, we combine expertise, experience and resources to provide services and solutions, starting from the design, implementation, assistance and evolution of global solutions that are simple and profitable to use.

Partner Program

Our Partner Program enables solution and technology businesses to meet the needs of global enterprise customers who want to start a data driven revolution.

Amongst our partners we find international companies, specialized in a variety of nuances of data science: we would be glad to have you join our ecosystem to lead and inspire together the leaders of the future.

They say about us

Fujitsu and LARUS have worked together to develop and deliver advanced explainable AI technologies to our customers. Our collaboration is a showcase of innovation acceleration that can be achieved through collaboration between enterprises and startups”

Hideto Okada, Head Of Technology Strategy Unit,
Hideto Okada,
Head of Technology Strategy Unit
The partnership between Linkurious and LARUS is a shining example of the power of collaboration. LARUS, with its deep expertise, brings a wealth of experience to the table, helping our joint clients to fully realize the potential of Linkurious' cutting-edge technology. Through the years, this has allowed us to work towards the common goal of driving innovation and delivering success together.
Giulia Rotondo - Linkurious
Giulia Rotondo
Head of Partnerships and Alliances
“At Redis we are extremely happy with this new alliance with LARUS, a company with multidisciplinary expertise that keeps investing in a cooperative ecosystem around frontier technologies and, hence, is configured as the best partner to assist customers in the creation of the next generation data platforms”

Marcos Pérez Gonzaléz
Director, Strategic Alliances EMEA South Redis

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