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LARUS works on providing and improving its offer in terms of ready-to-use products that can be both implemented as stand alone solutions and integrated into systems already in use.

Takes up the big data challenge

The LARUS Solution Tribe takes up the big data challenge and supports innovative companies in the transition to a connected, data-driven business providing them with our ready-to-use insight data platform, Galileo.XAI, and the connectors they need to integrate technologies already in use with Neo4j. 

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Thanks to decades of experience accumulated by LARUS, Galileo.XAI overcomes the difficulties that today prevent you from translating knowledge into action.

Business domain experts benefit from the insights generated by the underlying graph-based algorithms and explainable AI with dedicated features, specifically designed for their business challenge.

Our solution Galileo.XAI helps to simplify what is complex, allowing you to discover business insights in an easy and intuitive way.

Galileo.XAI, through sophisticated components of Graph Visualization, AI, Big Data Analytics and Network Science, enables you to:

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It simplifies the understandability of big data by organising and integrating a large amount of information.


It enables the business to make better decisions about its own points of weakness and the most pressing opportunities.


It shows information in a clearer way, highlighting even the hidden links and relationships between data.


It enables you to make  predictions in a human centric way with the help of Graph-AI and Explainable AI.

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