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Galileo.XAI: A revolutionary approach based on Connected Data Science & Graphs

Galileo.XAI, nomen omen, follows the modern empirical-experimental scientific method introduced by Galileo Galilei which provides: the formulation of hypotheses, the deduction of observational consequences of the hypotheses and verification as an empirical control to lead reality to a quantitative mathematical fact like data-driven decisions.

Roberto Sannino
Product Owner

” Galileo.XAI improves the learning curve in operating with graphs, by allowing Data Scientists to explore and run algorithms in a low-code no-code fashion way.

Fall in love with Galileo.XAI features

Flexible Model

It’s flexible and can be entirely adapted according to your needs and the information you want to store in. Data is stored into a graph db.

Custom Rules

Define your own rule and apply it to the whole dataset or let it to be triggered when new data arrives to have a real-time monitoring of all your data.

Graph Exploration

Seek your point of interest and see how it’s connected with other information. Discover new insights by following the links.

Make better decisions by analyzing ALL available data connected in one place. Scan your information and automatically identify hidden relationships and view large networks of interconnected objects

Create analyses and report with the support of explainable AI.

Explainable AI

Explainable AI includes a set of techniques and approaches useful for understanding, infusing greater confidence in the algorithms used.

Fast & Scalable

Galileo.XAI is a platform that guarantees fast response, even with billions of records and is always ready to manage huge data volumes.


Galileo.XAI can be easily integrated with your architecture or other market-leader platforms like Liferay, Salesforce, SAP and others.

Business Friendly

Galileo.XAI is a platform with an interface designed to allow the users to connect with technology. It is an easy-to-use platform.

Predictive Model

Galileo.XAI offers a Predictive Modeling Solution that works by analyzing data and by generating a model to help predict outcomes.

GDS Library

Combining network science algorithms, the user can find the most important nodes, cluster them into groups and find the best paths.

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