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Power Up Your Data

LARUS guides companies around the world towards data driven revolution in order to optimize the decision making process for the leaders of tomorrow.

LARUS on the wave
of Graph Thinking

It becomes crucial to generate new knowledge from data through the relationships between information. Redefining and understanding a problem in terms of interconnections is the basis of graph thinking.

LARUS Powers up Your Data

Nowadays everything changes quickly, technology advances and staying competitive is increasingly challenging. In this context LARUS creates value by accompanying the customer in facing changes in a purposeful way, supporting businesses with flexibility and competence and identifying the most suitable way to simplify what is complex.

In LARUS we start from an accurate analysis of your company processes. We identify the most suitable technology according to your needs and we provide you with professional figures having the relevant skills in order to build what you are asking for your data driven revolution.

LARUS Culture

At LARUS, we believe in the power of the Agile approach to transform the way businesses operate in today’s dynamic business environment.

For LARUS, Agile it’s not only a methodology but a mindset and a culture that we embody in every project we undertake.








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Our Expertise

We show you the right way to simplify what is complex

Graph thinking

Rethinking systems in terms of interconnections is the basis of graph thinking, an intuitive approach to represent complexity.

Data Visualization

A visual representation of data helps us gain actionable insights and make better data driven decisions based on them.

Explainable AI

Explainable AI fosters collaboration between people and machines to avoid the black box effect in a “human-centered” way.

Data Governance

Big data holds the key to competitive advantage. Organizations that have high quality data can make better decisions.


We create collaborative teams with customers and we let them make choices about scope, money and deadlines.

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