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Open Source

Get the most out of open source

Open source refers to softwares whose source code is designed to be publicly accessible and freely available for anyone to see, modify, use and distribute. Open source softwares are quickly spreading because they represent a solution that is cheaper, more flexible and customisable. It thus encourages and pushes innovation and sharing of knowledge.

Open source promotes collaboration and access to technology, also for individuals and organisations with fewer resources. It fosters community development and peer review of software, which can lead to more secure, stable, and reliable products.

LARUS strongly believes and shares its most valuable principles:

  • Transparency: The source code is available for anyone to view, analyse and modify, for this reason it become also safer.
  • Collaboration: Open source encourages community development and peer contributions.
  • Accessibility: Softwares can be freely used, modified and shared by anyone, included those with fewer resources.
  • Neutrality: Open source softwares are not linked to specific organisations, thus being more impartial and trustworthy.
  • Portability: Open source codes are often portable and operating on different environments.
  • Innovation: Experimentation and sharing of ideas are some of its core value.
  • Empowerment: Individuals and organisations can adapt open source codes to their technology accordingly to their needs.

The Italian Open Source Network

LARUS is part of RIOS, the Italian Open Source Network.

The leading companies of our sector are here united to combine expertise, experience and resources to provide integrated services and solutions, assisting our customers in every step of the process.

Our Contribution

Take a look at our contributions to the Open Source panorama. Explore our GitHub Workspace to find all our project and connectors!


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