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LARUS Expertise

Thanks to the consolidated experience gained in various market segments, we guide customers in optimizing their decision-making process, increasing profits and staying competitive.

LARUS is an innovative SME who focuses on development, consulting and training on the most cutting-edge technologies through an agile approach.

With expertise in graphs and other NoSQL databases, explainable AI, data visualization, network science and data governance, LARUS guides customers in optimizing their decision-making process, increasing profits and staying competitive

Graph Thinking
Expertise - Graphs


Graph Thinking

Rethinking and understanding systems in terms of interconnections is the basis of graph thinking. It is a natural and intuitive approach to represent complexity, unlike the common “rows and columns” representation, which is an unnatural way of representing data for a human being.

We at LARUS  have recognized the value of these methods and have become a leader in Italy for graph technologies and connected data science.


Data Visualization

A visual representation of data helps us gain actionable insights and make better data driven decisions based on them.
For data scientists it is important to visualize the outputs to monitor results and ensure that models are performing as intended.

We at LARUS are able to identify the best data sets and visualization styles to guarantee that your organization is optimizing the use of their data.

Expertise - Data Viz
Expertise - XAI


Explainable AI

Explainable Artificial Intelligence fosters collaboration between people and machines to solve the “black box” problem in AI, in a “human-centered” perspective.

We at LARUS focus on developing reliable technologies that can make human decision-making process more efficient, without replacing it. We put reliability, explainability and accountability at the heart of our innovation, integrating them throughout the lifecycle of all AI applications.


Data Governance

Big data holds the key to competitive advantage. Organizations that have reliable, high quality data about their customers, products and services can make better decisions than those without data or
with unreliable data.

We at LARUS enable organizations to get value from their data assets, ensuring the quality of data and information and enabling data to be used effectively to add value to the business.

Expertise - Data Gov
Expertise - Agile



The Agile approach defines a more organized way of working together.

We at LARUS work with our customers focusing on the best solutions for every problems.
From the beginning of our projects, we create collaborative teams with our customers and we let them make the appropriate choices about scope, money and deadlines.

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