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LARUS Community

At LARUS  we believe in people and in the value of networking and shared skills. Should you be interested in our projects and expertises, our Linkedin Community is the right space for you!

Enter the LARUS Community to discuss #KnowledgeGraphs #AI #MachineLearning #DataGovernance #AdvancedAnalytics and much more.  Stay updated on the latest technologies, approaches and innovations. Find out our tech articles and others reading suggestion. Don’t miss the events and conferences where to meet us! 

Linkedin community LARUS

Job Opportunities

LARUS is always looking for new resources to put to work. Do you think you can contribute to our growth? Well, wait no more, join us!

And of course a team of Tech Enthusiasts and Food Lovers!

Backend Developer

We are always looking for skilled Backend Developer to join our team! You will build LARUS software and application backend to ensure meeting all the business and tech requirements.

Frontend Developer

There is always space for new Frontend Developer joining our tribe! You will build LARUS software and application frontend to ensure meeting all the business and tech requirements.

Data Scientist

We’re looking for data scientists, passionate about AI, statistics, and graphs. You will find patterns in the data, and suggest, deploy and train models to use them.


You may not be a frontend or backend developer, neither a data scientist, but that doesn't mean we don't want you. We are glad to receive self-application!

Students Hub

Tired of never ending internships and places where you don’t really work on things that you like?

High-School Internship

For high school students that want to live an educational experience working in a tech company, we offer internships that will allow you to practice your skills.

University Internship

To those willing to move their first steps into the working life, LARUS offers flexible and immersive internship programs that really put you to work.

Research & Thesis

Our scientists and developers are always keen on guiding students and researchers through their dissertation projects, providing expertise and tips.

PhD Support

LARUS strongly believes in innovation and loves to include high-level researchers in our teams to support them with bracing environment and opportunities.

Recently Graduated

It doesn't matter how long you have been working, but how passionate you are about what you do everyday. We offer various job opportunities that will provide you training, knowledge sharing and personal growth. Join our team of experts and learn by doing!

Do you need the right push?
Listen to our team!

Before joining LARUS I worked in consulting firm, in which I didn’t really feel supported. I appreciate LARUS for its culture and for the trust in employees who have the chance to work remotely, which for me was essential in order to dedicate time to my university exams.
I have been positively surprised by their effort in encouraging me to continue my studies and in particular by the support I have received for my thesis. I was given many innovative ideas to explore and advices on how to develop the project at best.
Here at LARUS I have the chance to discover the world of Graphs and work with them, while at the same time pursuing university studies. My first encounter with LARUS was during a university course in L’Aquila. That’s where I met Alberto, Chief Data Scientist, who later became my thesis co-rapporteur and supported me in developing a dissertation about time modelling and graph databases. The opportunity I still have to combine university and work is my greatest fortune. I thank LARUS for that!
This one in LARUS is my first real work experience.
After my high-school diploma, I joined LARUS with a clear goal: grow professionally. Before that, I already did a school internship here and I remember noticing the company efficiency and its strong desire to grow. I have good memories of that experience, it allowed me to develop collaboration and organizational skills and helped me find my future career path. The company saw something special in me, that's why I am now here, as part of a committed and hard-working team.

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