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LARUS believes in continuous improvement.
This is the reason behind our own Academy that allows our team, partner and clients to be updated on the latest technologies. 

Academy LARUS

Through the Agile approach we divide our resources into Tribes, each one specialized in supporting clients under a different point of view.

Tribe Academy

LARUS Academy Tribe disposes of a huge range of courses on cutting edge technologies to support your team in becoming  autonomous and efficient when facing their data driven challenges.

Our Continuous Learning

We are such a believers in the strength and quality of our training programs that LARUS Academy Tribe works also with internal teams to keep them constantly updated on the latest technologies. 

  • PILLS: We organize short but effective meetings to address issues that are useful for professional growth
  • WORKSHOP: We offer periodic internal courses on programming languages, technologies or procedures
  • CERTIFICATIONS: We support our colleagues in preparing exams and getting certifications

LARUS Academy

All of LARUS’ courses are completely customizable, tailored for you and for what you are wishing to learn. Our team will support you in the best way possible, whenever you need.

LARUS offers all levels of training programs to both Beginners and Experts

All Essential courses are made for beginners and aim to support teams in understanding the essential notions of technology or approach objective of the course.

All Expert courses are made for experts and aim to deep dive specific notions or applications of technology or approach objective of the course.

All Extensive courses are made for beginners and offer a full immersion program that goes through both basic and specific notions of technology or approach objective of the course. A real “from zero to hero” experience!

Neo4j courses 2023

Discover Our Training course
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LARUS is Neo4j training & bootcamps authorized and certified center. All the teachers are Neo4j certified professional official trainers.

Academy Bootcamp

To those searching for a more practical training, LARUS Academy Tribe offers Bootcamps, the high-intensity training experiences that support your team in solving the most pressing business problems.

Standard Bootcamp

The Standard Bootcamp is a comprehensive training, allowing your internal team to create a small Proof of Concept based on a sample dataset you provide. Your team hits the ground running, learning the ins and outs of the technologies or approaches of interest.

Advanced Bootcamp

With this Advanced Bootcamp option, our team reviews and validates your existing Proof of Concept environment and provides recommendations on data modeling, query performance tuning and production configuration optimization.

We have a lot to share with you!

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