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LARUS Trainings

Welcome to the LARUS Academy Course Catalog

The LARUS Academy is proud to offer a wide range of courses designed to empower your expertise and propel your professional journey. Our courses span multiple areas of expertise, carefully curated to cater to your learning needs. Explore our comprehensive curriculum covering topics such as database technologies, software architecture, AI, and many more.

Each course is meticulously crafted to ensure maximum relevance and applicability to your goals. We understand that your learning journey is unique, which is why all our courses are customisable and adaptable to your specific requirements. We take pride in tailoring our content to align with your industry, challenges, and aspirations.

Discover a new world of possibilities with LARUS Academy. Join us on this educational journey where knowledge knows no boundaries, and learning is personalised to fit you.

NoSQL Technologies


Our courses cover various topics around Neo4j such as data modeling, Database Administration, Data Architecture and Data Science.


We offer a training program designed to provide participants with a solid understanding of Redis architecture, data structures, and administration.


LARUS' Couchbase training courses provide hands-on experience to master the multi-model NoSQL file-oriented database.


Whether you're a developer or an administrator, unleash MongoDB's full potential with LARUS' targeted and comprehensive training.


From Monoliths to Microservices

Gain insights into the benefits and challenges of this transition to make informed architectural decisions and changes.

Web development

Delve into the world of web development with our course. Learn the core technologies and practices to build responsive, user-friendly websites

Mobile development

Learn the principles behind building mobile applications for various operating systems, from UI/UX design to coding and deployment.

Graph for AI

Immerse yourself in the realm of Graph AI through our courses. Explore the fusion of graph theory and AI to unlock new insights and capabilities.





Apache Kafka


Apache Spark










Data Visualization

Discover Data Visualization

We provide all levels of courses around data visualization, the practice of visually representing data to communicate insights and patterns.

Effective Graph Visualization

The LARUS Academy offers all levels of courses that focuses on creating effective, clear and accurate graph visualizations with several tools.

Linkurious for investigation

We provide all levels of courses to effectively use Linkurious, a powerful data visualization and analysis software for investigative purposes.

Galileo.XAI for Graph Visualization

The LARUS Academy offers all levels of courses that focus on the use of Galileo.XAI for advanced graph visualization for complex data sets.

Data Science

From Analysis to Graph Thinking

We provide courses focused on teaching how to effectively analyze data and transform it into meaningful insights using graphs.

Discover the power of Graph Data Science

We explore GDS and its applications covering graph-based algorithms and how they can be used to extract insights from data.

The potential of Graph Neural Network

We provide courses focused on the fundamental concepts and applications of GNNs, including their potential strengths and limitations.

Galileo.XAI for Data Science

The LARUS Academy offers all levels of courses that focus on the use of Galileo.XAI for discovering peculiar patterns with Graph Data Science.

Ask for a LARUS Innovation Day

LARUS Innovation Day is a training and insightful event that LARUS brings inside companies to discuss innovation, technology, and data

LARUS experts provide hands-on training and engage in interactive discussions with attendees, helping them understand the latest trends and best practices to be a data driven organization