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Fujitsu and LARUS have worked together to develop and deliver advanced explainable AI technologies to our customers. Our collaboration is a showcase of innovation acceleration that can be achieved through collaboration between enterprises and startups”

Hideto Okada, Head Of Technology Strategy Unit,
Hideto Okada,
Head of Technology Strategy Unit
The partnership between Linkurious and LARUS is a shining example of the power of collaboration. LARUS, with its deep expertise, brings a wealth of experience to the table, helping our joint clients to fully realize the potential of Linkurious' cutting-edge technology. Through the years, this has allowed us to work towards the common goal of driving innovation and delivering success together.
Giulia Rotondo - Linkurious
Giulia Rotondo
Head of Partnerships and Alliances
“At Redis we are extremely happy with this new alliance with LARUS, a company with multidisciplinary expertise that keeps investing in a cooperative ecosystem around frontier technologies and, hence, is configured as the best partner to assist customers in the creation of the next generation data platforms”

Marcos Pérez Gonzaléz
Director, Strategic Alliances EMEA South Redis